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Pie Shoppe Sample Pack

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Pie Shoppe Sample Pack


Pick ANY 3 Flavors from the drop down menu.

Each flavor selected is a bottle of 60ML of that specified flavor.



All Out Pie – An American classic, the perfect apple pie with well thought out ingredients to achieve a balance like no other.

Anarchy – Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and creamy hints.

Apples Alla Pie – A well balanced and put together apple pie.

Key Lime Pie – Light, creamy and a little tangy.

Nana Cream Pie – Creamy old fashioned banana cream pie.

Pecan Pie – A full bodied pecan pie.

Strawberry Cream Pie – A light and fluffy strawberry cream pie.

Woody's Crumble – The perfect balance of sweet, gooey blueberry, cinnamon crumble.



Note: This product contains tobacco-free synthetic nicotine.