Perkey Manta Replacement Pods

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Perkey Manta Replacement Pods


The Perkey Manta Replacement Pods sports an all-ceramic heating element, so vape juice in the pod never touches metal. Its pods air path & heating coil design generates consistently smooth vapor and maintains the flavor and character of any vape juice used with it. A unique venting system around the Manta pod's silicon seal prevents any vape juice leaks or drips when the pod is used or refilled, while directing airflow up through the bottom of the juice tank. The v-shaped bottom of the Manta Pod allows it to completely use all vape juice in the pod, creating a compact pod without any pooled juices or wasted space. The pod is easy to refill - just remove the pod from the battery square, open the silicon seal, and fill the pod with juice from a bottle or dropper.



  • Capacity: 1ML
  • Coil Resistance: 1.3 Ohm


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