Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition

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Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition


Kendo Vape Cotton is the perfect cotton for vapers as it is super absorbent, heat resistant, and most importantly, it is organic and 100% unbleached! The Gold Edition comes in meter long strands ready to be cut and rolled! Enjoy improved performance and easier wicking with Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition!

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    I Love before I ordered!

    Posted by Ryan Ernst on Apr 16th 2018

    I do a lot of coil building, for myself, my roommate, and a few of my friends. I was using Ko Jen Do organic cotton for 3 years, and nobody could get to to switch from it. Until a friend who owns a local shop introduced me to Kendo Cotton! Was frustrated a first with the breaking free from set in ways i had developed, But once I figured out that you absolutely need to prime the cotton by running juice over the coils and pulsing your mod to warm it up so it soaks to the core (Juice and pulse a few times to get thorough saturation in the core of the coil), then feather your tails and get them saturated as well, My wicks last minimum:5 times longer. Life span of wicks is dependent on coil type and juice as well, but only changing the cotton, keeping everything else the exact same for personal quality control testing of this wondrous new cotton, 5 times longer. sometimes more. My record thus far is 7 weeks (and 3 days) with no re-wicks, cleaning etc before my flavor started to suffer. until that point, tasted like i had just wicked it the day before. Also, and added bonus: once its been saturated, this Cotton will suck the juice up with out any hesitations, and holds so much more juice. Unholy RDA on a Deathwish Mech tube, vaping a Blue Razz Lollipop: Contestant #1 = Ko Jen DO ..... juice it up, 4 pulls to dry Contestant #2 = Kendo Cotton.... juice it up, 12 pulls pulls were clocked at 4 seconds each. Definetley worth it!

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    Posted by frskyerlizard on Mar 20th 2018

    If you haven't tried KENDO GOLD Cotton yet,, Order some Quick,, Wicks Fast, Less is More, Stays wet longer than any other wick, Absolutely No Cotton Taste!! Hoping Budget Stocks up on Kendo Gold, Cuz it will fly out their Door Fast.. Great job on Shipping to Budget,, Ya'll ROCK!!!