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Love ICED Sample Pack


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Love ICED Sample Pack


Pick ANY 3 Flavors from the drop down menu.

Each flavor selected is a bottle of 60ML of that specified flavor.



Banana ICED - Just a straight forward in your face dose of ripe bananas with an icy twist.

Blueberry ICED - Delightfully sweet and slightly sour taste of a fresh batch of blueberries with an icy twist.

Blue Raspberry ICED - A sour blue raspberry flavor with an icy twist.

Extreme ICED - A blend that’s radically cool and frigidly smooth, minty.

Grape ICED - A classic in your face blend of concord grapes with an icy twist.

Green Apple ICED - A balance of sweet and sour, crisp and refreshing equals the taste of a fresh green apple with an icy twist.

Guava ICED - Escape to the tropics with this intense guava fruit with an icy twist flavor.

Mango ICED - Ripe mango flavor with an icy twist.

Peach ICED - Delectably ripe and juicy peach flavor with an icy twist.

Pineapple ICED - A straight in your face blast of pineapple with an icy twist, teasing your taste buds.

Raspberry ICED - Juicy raspberries with an icy twist.

Strawberry ICED - Ripe strawberries with an icy twist never tasted and smelled so good.

Tangerine ICED - Tangerine flavor with an icy twist.

Watermelon ICED - Juicy Watermelon with an icy twist.

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